Chinese Symbol Studio

Chinese Symbol Studio 3.3

Which tattoo do you like best?


  • Loads of symbols
  • Very convenient categorization
  • Customizable preview
  • Includes meaning and pronunciation


  • Menus are not handy
  • Only saves in three formats

Very good

If you're planning to have a tattoo done, you should choose the design very carefully because it's something that will stay with you forever. Maybe Chinese Symbol Studio can help you here.

Chinese Symbol Studio includes more than 100,000 tattoo designs, all created with Chinese ideograms. They're conveniently organized in several different categories, including man and woman names, horoscope symbols, numbers, animal names and more.

Chinese Symbol Studio has a clearly designed interface where you can comfortably browse symbols. Plus you can customize some settings like font color, size and shadow effect, among others, and also check the tattoo's meaning and pronunciation.

Which I didn't find that comfortable was the way Chinese Symbol Studio handles menus (Translation, Settings and Symbol library) which are displayed on panels that hide automatically. Also, the program saves tattoos only in EPS, BMP and PNG.

If you're looking for a nice Chinese symbol to tattoo, take a look at Chinese Symbol Studio as it includes more than 100,000 Chinese words.

Chinese Symbol Studio


Chinese Symbol Studio 3.3

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